Why semantic web?

by Héctor Ugarte

The aim of this blog is: “…finding all the ways to inject, insert, use, relate, apply, etc. Semantic web principles on blockchain based technologies.” I am not following a strict order when publishing blog entries, I am just sharing information that I consider important, and will help me to research and achieve the goal.

According to the W3C, “The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries”

Some benefits that semantic web principles can bring on the blockchain environment are:
1. Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) used to identify documents and also concepts (people, places, things, abstract/intangible concepts) and properties / data relationships (consistency).
2. Resource Description Framework (RDF) provides a W3C standard way to write simple logical statements about relationships. (Standardization).
3. Ontologies are like data dictionaries with additional logical annotations Multiple ontologies can co-exist and be used in parallel. It’s also easy to cross-reference between them. (Standarization).
4. SPARQL query language enables a query to combine machine-readable data from multiple sources and also allows new data relationships to be constructed from existing data. (Linking and mappings).

Important to consider that: In 2013, more than four million Web domains contained Semantic Web markup.