Semantic Blockchain

by Héctor Ugarte

a.k.a.: “semantic distributed ledger” (SDL)

With the emerge of blockchain principles and latest applications being developed on Bitcoin 2.0 platforms, the need for semantic reasoning emerge on the blockchain. The natural name for this new addon of the blockchain is “Semantic blockchain”. The blockchain is the perfect platform to make Semantic web principles widely used and add to this related datasets a new property that is “trust”. Since blockchain logs the truth, or at least the accepted truth by transactions or smart contracts, this new datasets are completely trustable. Also the blockchain offers an homogeneous platform to create the new Web 3.0, as opposite of the current heterogeneous web.

  •  Semantic technologies offer clear performance benefits for making sense of large amounts of structured and unstructured data, i.e. a relational framework

  • Blockchain technologies potentially offer unique ways for managing, processing and securing transactions in decentralized systems, i.e. a sequential framework

Combination of these two approaches is vital for implementation of next generation systems which should provide the possibility for mapping, programming, processing and securing existing and new data with a common global language

SOURCE: ISITC Europe Blockchain Work Stream Inaugural Meeting In Association with BISS Research Kindly hosted by London Met

The proposed logo for this new concept is the next one:

3 blocks of the semantic web logo, connected representing a chain.


Or simply one cube:

Semantic Blockchain Logo

Semantic Blockchain Logo