BLONDiE Blockchain Ontology with Dynamic Extensibility

by Héctor Ugarte


As early introduced:

A comprehensive vocabulary that covers the structure of different components (Wallets, Transactions Blocks, Accounts, etc) of blockchain platforms (Bitcoin and Ethereum) that can be easily extended to other alternative coins.

This project is in a very early stage and surely present inconsistencies, but I’ll be iterating throw it and improve it. I will try to build a good use case application that could be for example a Blockchain explorer based on RDF datasets instead of relational databases like the most popular ones.

For Bitcoin 1.0 applications the semantification of the blockchain starts from a simple mapping like this one. For Bitcoin 2.0 (Blockchain 2.0) platforms, it will require a more deeper analysis of How to store RDF data on the blockchain and start building a Linked Data Graph on this platform (for example Ethereum).

Github link: