Semantic Blockchain: Bitcoin Explorer

by Héctor Ugarte

Semantic Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer (SBBE)


One very initial good use case of BLONDiE (Blockchain Ontology with Dynamic Extensibility) is a Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer. More Precisely a Semantic Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer (SBBE).

A Blockchain Explorer is:

a program or web site that lets users search and navigate a block chain. Uses include:

  • checking address balances
  • tracking coin transfer histories
  • watching for transaction acceptance
  • monitoring the network hash rate and other statistics
    Block chain browsers typically provide:
  • a list of a chain’s recent blocks
  • transactions in a given block
  • links to the previous and next transaction involving each input and output
  • a list of all transactions involving a given address
  • current and historical address balances
  • a way to search for blocks, transactions, and addresses
  • some offer a way to broadcast a signed raw transaction


Many of the current blockchain explorers are built using relational databases schemas. Which offers many advantages, but using a Graph Based database with RDF triples could offer advantages like:

  • Datawarehousing
  • Excel and R
  • No data left behind
  • SPARQL is more consistent than SQL
  • Lower cost
  • Allows competitive tendering
  • Better performance for naturally grouped data
  • Better caching
  • SADI
  • RDF puts relations first

*For detailed information visit the source


I am not arguing that Graph Based are better than relational databases, I am just saying that they are different.

Anyway, a Semantic Bitcoin Blockchain explorer will offer an SPARQL endpoint. Where you could write SPARQL Queries and retrieve different information from the blockchain. Allowing us to “research” the Bitcoin blockchain.